Monday, September 30, 2013

Hidden Intellectualism

Hidden Intellectualism was written by Gerald Graff. Graff starts off by stating his opinion on whether being “street smart” as opposed to “book smart” is not necessarily a bad thing. In further reading, he goes on to describe why he feels this way. When he entered college, he wasn’t much of a reader. But when he did choose to read it was something sports related, most times a sports magazine. To most educators, reading magazines isn’t where they believe a student will learn. However, if you look at the flip side of things, we have to consider that regardless if it is a magazine or a book, the student is still reading and using other tools to gain knowledge. The author states, “Give me the student anytime who writes a sharply argued, sociologically acute analysis of an issue in Source over the student who writes a lifeless explication of Hamlet or Socrates’ Apology.”  This quote simply explains that students can thrive in becoming better writers and better critical thinkers if only they were reading something that is of more interest to them and something that they can apply to everyday life. I think every student reading this right now can relate. For example, Dracula is a much better read then most of the other nonsense English professors require.

While reading this article, I was sitting on my couch watching TV. I was in the middle of texting a friend as well. I was very distracted but also interested so I turned the TV off and put my phone on silent facing down.  The text was an easy read, I did have to reread a few parts just to grasp what exactly Graff was saying and the point he was trying to make. I highlighted a few things, such as the quote I used to summarize some of the article. Highlighting key points and interesting opinions that Graff shared made it a lot easier to summarize because normally I’d forget and have to reread the whole thing!


  1. i too had a problem with concentration. It took me a solid 3 hours to turn off everything. And I wished i would have highlighted to make summarizing easier but my laziness got in the way of that one. I enjoy reading your posts because everything always flow so well!!

  2. thanks Chelby! sometimes it really feels like i am the only one with concentration issues, something that should take 5 min to do takes me FOREVER! but yea maybe for the next reading just take a pen to underline or get a highlighter cause it really does help :)

  3. Everyone has concentration issues :-) The key is to move on to something else as soon as you feel yourself losing focus. Otherwise, you waste time by not actually processing what you read, which forces you to go back :-)

    Good post, heaven! Maybe next time just turn the phone off ;-)

    1. yes! turning the phone off helps. but i never really thought about moving onto something else.. i guess it is a waste of time if we arent focusing