Monday, September 30, 2013

Dummies Guide to Becoming an Intellectual

        “Hidden Intellectualism” written by Gerald Graff is an in depth look at intellectualism in “street” and academic environments. The essay starts off with Graff explaining how his adolescence molded him into becoming an intellectual, not by academic means, but by focusing on subjects of his interest. Which he believes is the way to help students become intellectuals themselves. Graff grew up caring only about sports. The only reading he would do was Sports Illustrated and Sport magazine. He realized after time all his life he was in training to becoming an intellectual through sports: how to make an argument, weighing evidence, summarizing views of others, and conversing about ideas. The point of his essay is that in order to become an intellectual, you must first start out with the things of your interests. College professor Ned Laff explains “it is not simply to exploit students nonacademic interests, but to get them to see those interests through academic eyes.” Which Graff then explains means to think and write about cars, sports, fashion in a reflective and analytical way. He ends off stating schools and colleges are missing out on an opportunity. That the only way to get a student interested is to have them do work on their own interests, then they will eventually get on to the academic work.

        I read this piece while lounging on my bed. I’m not going to lie I was very distracted while reading this. My dog was barking in the background, my brother was storming out of the house to catch the ice cream man (he’s 17 too), and the women in my family were all gathered downstairs getting their hair done and they were loud! And to top it all off my phone kept beeping. I had to reread many parts of this article many times to finally get it. It wasn't very difficult a few parts had me confused and a few words as well. I was inspired by our discussion in class today and busted out my cute new post-its that are in the shape of lips, and I was taking notes. I wrote down the words I didn't know and looked them up and I wrote down some key points to make it easier in writing my summary. I still had to skim through the essay to write up my summary though. But it was much easier with my notes reminding me exactly what i wanted to include.

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  1. I cream is serious business. And I hate it when my phone beeps! If only there was some way to keep it from beeping, like an "Off" switch ;-)

    Great post, Maria! I feel you on the family distractions. When I lived with my family, my bedroom doubled as the "family room," and I have two younger brothers. I generally had to wait till after everyone went to bed to get any homework done :-)