Monday, September 16, 2013

Deadly Journal

         Johnathan Harker leaves munich at 8:35pm on May 1 to find Castle Dracula, On his way there he stops in Hotel Royale in Vienna and eats chicken with red peppers which they called paprika hendl. He continues his journey when its very dark outside someone stops the carriage, the takes Johnathan with force and puts him into his to take him to his castle, Johnathan realizes Count Dracula is going around in circles. Johnathan has been there for some days and he realizes Dracula is the one that could of picked him up cause he realizes he doesn't have any servants by Dracula making the breakfast and supper from what Dracula told him, Johnathan has yet to see Dracula eat anything at all but he has he eats when hes out in the A.M but he sees three horrible ladies that wanted to eat Johnathan by the way the licked their lips . Dracula lets Johnathan send out letters to his friends and Family but makes him put a certain date on them, that's when Johnathan starts to try to find a way how to escape. Everyone starts to get nervous when they don't hear from Johnathan, his letters have yet to reach them and that makes Lucy the most nervous because she starts to walk around a lot more than ever. In Dr. Seward's Journal he collects fly's to feed to the spiders he has, they starts to collect sparrows but to finish it off he wants to get a kitten to eat the sparrow. This is something like what Dracula is doing to Johnathan with the 3 horrible ladies, but Dracula couldn't provide Johnathan to the ladies because Johnathan killed Dracula with a Shovel. Mina writes a letter to Lucy about her studying Johnathan words and e.t.c, Mina and Johnathan  soon supposed to get married. Luckily Johnathan gets away from Count Dracula but lets see if he can get back with family safe and sound.

I think its a great book but also confusing when it gets to Dr. Seward's Journal. I wonder what Count Dracula does in the morning after he supposed to had made Jonathan's food which is still hot when Jonathan wakes up. Mina is really committed  to marrying Jonathan cause she's working hard to learn how to work with him. Jonathan should of caught on to what Count Dracula was doing. I was wondering how did Dracula know that Jonathan was on the carriage and that there was a carriage passing by anyways?

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  1. Your summary's a little inaccurate, Rah. Be sure you read a little more carefully; you've confused some characters here :-/

    Aside from that, where's your connection to Steve King's article?