Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where's the care from vampires?

      Coming from the blog "Vampires and why we love them" by Eric Camarillo's, he explains the fact that vampires are really the best creatures/monster that we have heard or learned about in this history and the history's before us. He tells us as he grew up he wasn't really into Vampires until he did some research on vampires which now made him a vampirologist. He figured vampires would be the most know pick from the other creatures/monsters that people would choose they would like to be, maybe because theyhave powers or they live very long lives.  When he talks about vampires to anyone he thinks of twilight which is when  humans aren't scared of anymore, they kind of look forward to Vampires or expect to see them, The other is people that hate twilight but don't know much about Vampires. He continues to read, watch movies and learn more about Vampires and he says that Vampires can fit anywhere, as in drama,Science fiction, Comedy, Horror, e.t.c. Eric points out that Twilight most likely reflects on young females because they adore things in that nature but it also send negative messages to them and everyone else who likes twilight.

     I think that Mr. Camarillo did a very nice blog, i like how he basically asked us what we would rather be from all the monsters/creatures. He really went through a lot to research about vampires and why we might like them and what are they capable of. Dracula was so popular because it was something new to everyone, people was reading/seeing things they were not used to. Now in days movies and books about vampires are more sexual which is also something new but not scarey, although people still read/learn about it.

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  1. While I think you're right about why the novel was popular, I think you may be projecting a little onto Camarillo's post :-) In other words, I think you're assuming you understand his point but aren't really.