Sunday, September 15, 2013

An invitation to hell

       Bram Stoker's Dracula began as journal entries kept by Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor from London. While on a business trip to Transylvania, Harker kept a detail account of his experiences. He described the lands he traveled through, the people he observed, and the food he ate. All seemed normal until his departure from the Golden Krone Hotel. The hotel's hostess begged Harker not to go for it was the eve of St Georges day. It is said that all evil things in the word have sway when the clock reached midnight. Not knowing the customs or traditions of the land, he ignored her warning and continued his journey. In the article " Why We Crave Horror Movies" by Stephen King, King argued that we go to see scary movies to show we are not afraid. I believe Harker was determined to go to see the count to show the hostess he was not afraid. Before he left, the old hostess gave him a crucifix for his mother's sake. This is when Harker began to feel uneasy.That uneasy feeling accompanied him for the rest of the way to Count Dracula's castle.It wasn't until he arrived to his well lit room that his fears and doubts diminished. The first night was an easy one for him. He had a delicious dinner and an intriguing conversation with the count. As days went by he began noticing rather peculiar things. Harker first noticed that the count never ate with him. He also observed that there were no mirrors or people to be found anywhere. When touring the castle he realized that most of the doors were locked. At this moment he became conscious that he was a prisoner of the count. Being aware of this, Harker started to write how he felt opposed to the things he saw. Harker kept his cool until he came face to face with  3 strange women who found him in the castle. The day after that incident, the count directed him to write letters to his boss telling him that all was well and that he would return shortly. From this moment on Harker was determined to find a way out of the castle. His only hope was to find the key to unlock the door.

        The novel started off extremely slow. But the closer Harker got to the castle, the more suspenseful the book became. Knowing background information about Dracula took away some of the suspense Stroker was trying to create. For example, I knew there were no mirrors in the castle because vampires do not have reflections. I also knew Dracula wasn't going to eat around Harker because the two did not eat the same kind of food. What I did not know was that Mr. Harker was going to gain enough courage to investigate Dracula's room. This part was so intense and suspenseful that I literally had to put down the book. I couldn't leave it down for too long because I had to know what was going to happen next. Bram Stoker ended chapter 3 on a cliffhanger for we do no know what as happened to Jonathan. I am very tempted to skipped to chapter 19 so i can read some more of Jonathan Harker's notes.


  1. As I was scanning the titles, yours caught my interest, an invitation to hell indeed it was for Mr. Harker. I totally agree on the author leaving us in suspense wondering what's next to happen in the Harker journal entries. Although reading Mina and Lucys letters were pretty funny, I'd rather know what Mr. Harker will do next in his escape 'from hell'.

  2. This is a pretty detailed summary, and I'm glad you're in to Harker's story! But Mina's is good too :-)

    But what about the connection to King's article, though? That was part of the assignment :-/