Sunday, September 15, 2013

After all the warnings, why not run?!

Erick Bravo
CHPT 1-6

 In chapters 1-6 of Dracula by Stephen King, we read journals of Jonathan Harker who is writing to his
Fiancee, Mina Murray. Jonathan is traveling from England to Eastern Europe in hope to close a sale with a
nobleman named Count Dracula. His journey begins leaving Munich at 8:35 PM on May 1st. Jonathan stays
at a Hotel that Count Dracula recommends him. He then receives a letter giving Jonathan several instructions
on where he can get a ride from a carriage taking him to where Count Dracula will be waiting for him. Just
before departing to the Borgo Pass, an old lady approaches him and asks him " Must you go? Oh! young
Herr, must you go?" She then continues to give him warnings stating that it was the eve of St. George's Day
and that's when all the evil things in the world will have full sway. She begs Jonathan on her knees not to go
or to just wait a couple of days and he still chooses to go because he knows that he has business to do and
nothing can interfere with it. This is the very first example of Stephen King's " Why do we crave Horror movies?"
Jonathan receives a clear warning from the old lady innkeeper and yet he chooses to ignore it and see if the
eve of St George really is true.
Stephen King explained in his writing of " Why do we crave Horror movies" that every human being is naturally insane but we crave horror stories and test our ability to stay on a roller coaster without realizing what we're really doing . We do these things to maintain our ability to stay sane. King uses several examples in Dracula because with Jonathan testing his saneness . On his way to Count Dracula, he realizes that many things seemed off like the people chanting and screaming were-wolf and vampire . Jonathan remains to test his luck by being brave even though he has no idea on who hes meeting and what is up ahead for him.

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  1. Why's your post all...wonky ;-)

    Your summary's also missing details from about half of the assigned chapters. What happened there?

    Your observations from King's points are interesting--that Jonathan would continue the journey just to test his bravery. We'll definitely discuss this further in class :-)