Wednesday, July 10, 2013

what we lost

                   The article "Where Have African American Baseball Players Gone? is about the writer Rob Ruck explain that you no longer see African American in baseball. He explain that African American had the best player that the league has ever seen. African Americans changed baseball after Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Henry Aaron and other men schooled in the negro Leagues brought a revelatory combination of speed and power to the major. This men became hall of famers. " by 1975, African  American constituted over a quarter of all player and were over represented among the game elite. More important, they made baseball, once an obstacle to social change, a catalyst for it"(168)Black player made the game exciting and bring a different way to play the game. Now African Americans, no longer so prominent, now they make up less than a tenth of big league roster. Ruck rise a good question why are African American not playing baseball.He name some strong factor, For example, the popular of other sports like basketball and football. One big one is "as school began admitting African  Americans these sport offered scholarship that could be more rewarding than brief careers in professional sport"(169). Football and basketball can give a young player more than what baseball can give a young black player. An can a black player afford to play baseball and learn the game.      


  1. This is a good summary, erick, but I'm not seeing any research of a reference here :-/

    1. i agree its a pretty good summary; however im a bit confused at the end.