Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the steps to heroism

Seger indicated that myths are all in all the same story over and over again. These stories may change their hero’s faces, the obstacles and enemies may differ, but the stories are all based on previously told myths and how it comes from our own experiences.  This is why many people find it easy to relate. The author believes that there is a process that a hero must go through in order to transform from a regular person to a hero. She calls it "A catalyst” that sets the story in motion" (Seger 336). She has given steps that have been following for years.
First is The Call to Adventure; The adventure begins with the hero receiving a call saying there time has come. In The Matrix Neo gets the call to adventure from Trinity via his computer. Refusal of the Call; In some stories, the hero initially refuses the call to adventure. When this happens, the hero pays a consequences for not believing at first and eventually come to terms of stepping up a being the hero. We see Neo refuses the call, but when he finds himself trapped in a situation where agents are after him, he accepts with the aid of Morpheus to get out of the situation. The Helper; Who provides special tools and advice for the adventure ahead. In the movie Morpheus wants to open Neo eyes and give him the knowledge Neo needs to improve and develop skills and traits of the world.

The first real scene encountered a the new world of experience. In this case Neo takes the pill that awakens his mind and pulls him out of the Matrix and into the real world. Then his first battles come and he wins thanks to the training from Morpheus. The Climax; The point of highest dramatic tension or a major turning point in the action. Neo opens the door to Trinity’s room, only to find Smith right in front of him. Smith empties his gun into Neo, who falls to the ground, he is now dead but thanks Trinity & her love Neo's heart begins to beat again. The final fight scene this is the make or break it part all the cards are on the table you must give it you’re all.  Neo rises and assumes even greater powers. Neo can now see the matrix all the enemies are helpless as the ship hits a point neo must leave before he is trapped which he does. The freedom to live; The hero is finally done with his journey he can finally be free and live their life Neo and Trinity kiss.


  1. Great explanation of the hero's path via The Matrix. But how does this reference support her purpose?

  2. i guess in a way that she states all the points precisely on how the myths all alike. The obstacles, heroes, and enemies may differ, the stories are all based on previously told myths. I find this interesting because they are unaware that they have subconsciously incorporated a well known myth into their characters or storyline.

    1. Better. Though we can't KNOW it's subconscious; those writers could have been tapping into OUR subconscious, just like Seger's trying to teach future writers :-)