Thursday, July 11, 2013

Legalize it?

        The article by Eric Schlosser is calling for the United States to decriminalize drugs. Because it is illegal the prisons the prisons are filled with the poor addicts and small time drug users. It's always the weaker ones that get caught while the drug lords are free. The drug lords are wll organized in distribution of their drugs and crime. Because it is illegal drugs on the black market fetch a higher price hence it is a thriving business bringing in billions of dollars. He is lobbying for marijuana so it can be had by all. He stated that pharmaceutical companies and alcohol companies advertise their products which are drugs and they are legal so trying to make marijuana illegal will not solve the drug problem of a 'drug-free society."
      On the one hand I agree with decriminalizing drugs, as if it were legal, the drug lords will have to pay taxes and the crime rate should decrease as the drugs would be readily available. Those suffering from ailments that marijuana is a cure for will be able to do so without fear of being locked up. On the other hand, if it is decriminalized, what percentage of the population would be going to drug rehabilitation? That number will be rather high. If that happens, people will be missing work regularly, insurance rates will climb and companies would not be productive.

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