Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shining on a problem

Dick Hallorann is a character in Stephen King's novel, The Shining. He is a single black man. He is the cook and a groundskeeper at the Overlook Hotel. He takes instant liking to Danny, the son of Jack Torrance. Danny a has powers called The Shine (psychic powers). Hallorann has the same thing allowing him to understand him. Jack Torranc and his family are staying at the Overlook Hotel for the winter as caretakers. All the evil ghosts of the hotel drove him crazy causing him to have a complete psychotic break. Danny rings for Hallorann for help. Hallorann drops whatever he was doing in Florida and leaves. He fights his way into the Hotel beating the animals.  Then he is knocked out by the crazy father Jack.  Sadly Dick is killed off with an axe right when he was going to save Danny.
This relates and fits into Dexter because in the film, Hallorann is even more strongly portrayed as the Magical Negro when he is brutally murdered when he enters the hotel, and choosing to save the white character in order for them to fulfill his/her purpose. Most Magical Negros parts consists of having these following traits, being a convicted, poor, uncivilized, a misfit, loud, and black. Hallorann had these traits, same as the character "Brother Sam" from the show Dexter. If you seen the show you know that is exactly how a Magical Negro is portrayed in Brother Sam.  His main purpose was the help and guide Dexter so we can live a better life and go to heaven after he his dead. He believes in this purpose so much not realizing it's caused his death.
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