Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Say no to Drugs

Eric Schlosser has discussed the fact that drugs should be accepted into society. Although I grant that his point is unjust, I still maintain that it has a good argument. It is true that drugs are part of a multi billion dollar black market industry and do not cause more danger to health. As does alcohol and antidepressants. But is it right for them to be allowed? On one hand, I agree with Schlosser that drugs such as marijuana shouldn't require criminal sanctions. But on the other hand, I still insist that it should not be enforced. While it is true that this drug doesn't cause much harm, I still insist that it should not be enforced. 


  1. Late!

    Plus, you're just agreeing with Schlosser. You were meant to add in a naysayer and then address it :-/

    1. When was the due date? Didn't the author agree on drug use?

    2. You're not providing any real counterpoints, or answering them.

      And it was due by Wednesday :-/

  2. i don't really understand where you're coming at. it sounds pretty much agreeing with both sides