Saturday, July 27, 2013

Romantic Comedies of the 80s

   The 1980s appears to be the era of romantic comedies. One such rom-com is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It is the second movie of the Indiana Jones series which are also considered adventure movies. In this movie, Dr. Jones gets into a predicament as usual and has to escape from Lao Chi who is trying to kill him and in the process takes the gold digging singer Willie with him and his side-kick Shorty. The escape plane was owned by Lao Chi, who instructed the pilots to crash the plane. They managed to escape in a raft down a snow capped mountain into a river and the ended up in India. There the leader of the tribe told him he had to go to Pankot Palace to retrieve the Sankara stone which was stolen as well as the children of the tribe. So they got to the palace, where upon doing what he does best, Dr Jones began exploring his surroundings and found an underground passage, where he and Shorty were almost crushed and spiked. They escaped as Willie came to their assistance but almost had a repeat as she touched a lever set the roof to lower and spikes to come out. Further along the journey they came across the Thugees doing a ritutal, where they had three of the Sankara stones which shun as they were together and a sacrifice to the god,where a man's heart was ripped out and he was lowered into a fiery pit and killed. Dr. Jones and company waited for them to leave after which he preceded to steal the stones but they were caught. They escaped freeing the children. They were cornered by the Thugee on a rope bridge which he cut, causing lots of Thugees to fall to their death. The leader was on the bridge as well but hung on and him and Dr. Jones were wrestling for the stones where two fell into the crocodile filled river below. Indy managed to hold onto the the third stone and the leader plunged to his death. Dr. Jones, Willie and Shorty then set out to the village with the remaining Sankara stone and the children in tow. It can be seen that the village was lush and green as opposed to parched and dry like when they first arrived. They hand the stone over to the elder of the village and he thanked them and said he knew they were coming back as the village began flourishing before their return. Dr. Jones is ready to set out on another adventure but Willie is not willing or pretends not to but Dr. Jones is very persuasive. His persuasion get him the girl in the end.
      Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom can be related to Linda Seger's "Creating the Myth." Seger states that the most successful movies are based on universal stories which we all have experienced. She shows that there are different types of stories such as the hero story, the search story, and the healing story. In this movie, as in Romancing the Stone, one of the movies mentioned by Seger in her article, we see the plots might be different but the message is the same. There is the hero, Dr. Jones in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone. They both set out on journeys to safe people having a helper along the way; Dr. Jones has Shorty and Joan Wilder has Jack. They both search for the treasure find it, rescue those in captive and end up getting the girl or the guy in the end. Same story line,both successful as other movies were made as spin offs. This was the second of the five in the Indiana Jones movies and The Jewel and the Nile was the spin off from Romancing the Stone. This proves Seger's point in that we see these types of movies over and over yet we still go to see them when  a new one comes out. both these movies came out in 1984.We can identify with these movies inn that we go through the same struggles in life. One minute we are up then next we are down, just like the movies. It's not that we are going the foreign lands to find treasure but it is our daily search to find our true self and meaning in life.