Friday, July 5, 2013

One World; Many Colors: Has it really come to an end?

           Throughout history, the talk of the town has been going around whether or not the “white race” has become a minority. So what do you think; has “White America” really come to an end? In the article "The End of White America", Hua Hsu argues that America has become “post-racial”, meaning that sooner or later the term race will no longer matter, and what was once known as “White America” will come to an end. Hsu stands by his optimism and advocates that due to these drastic changes in producing a culture in which race won’t be an important factor, we as Americans will overcome the need to compete against one another. These feelings might have been surrounded within the people over a really long time and it will take a lot of time and determination to overcome these resentments that are stirred up from within the people.
            Nowadays, many are immigrating into the United States looking for a better life in a world that was known to be “White America”; which is causing our world to become this “melting pot”. Throughout the years, the “white race” will no longer become the majority race; unlike the other races who will all have their chances in population majority and rising statuses, depending on what race is growing and succeeding at that time; which according to Hsu, is the Hispanic.
                All through Hsu article, he states reasons on how and why the “white race” is becoming the minorities in America. According to sociologist Matt Wray (when describing the racial crisis of his students), “They don’t care about socioeconomics; they care about culture. And to be white is to be culturally broke.”(153) This means that nowadays being white is not the greatest thing or the best thing to be proud of, because they are becoming under populated. A part of this has to do with immigrants and interracial couples.
               Interracial marriages and couples (which were once very rare) are now bringing a different variety of skin color within their children, our world is not only focused on whites and blacks being with their own kind, but also these children are more likely to come out with many different shades of their skins. Whites are considered to be mean and unfair with Hispanics when in fact they can usually be helpful but since Hispanics are increasing in popularity, whites believe that they have to fight for themselves and for their respect.
               Back then, if one was to immigrate into the United States, in order to blend in with the majority or White American crowd, you had to blend in and follow their standards of living. You had to dress and speak like whites (meaning perfect English); you had to also go to the same schools, the same churches, the same groceries stores (and this was quite difficult since it was hard enough to find a job, now they have to be around areas they can’t even afford). In other words, you had to look and act like a white to make what was once known as “White America”, look decent. But this present day, if one wanted to become an American, all they needed was to just fix a few papers papers and pay taxes; without even having the necessity to blend in with the whites, in fact whites are beginning to blend in with others due to these interracial changes. 
               Hua Hsu tries to inform his readers that population changes, immigration and the increase of interracial marriages have resulted in the “beiging” of America. (146) He supports this view by citing Census Bureau data and marketing research used by advertising corporations to create ads designed to appeal to the majority of consumers. In Hsu’s examples, both the census data and current marketing trends indicate that “white” America will no longer be in the majority but that, but will become outnumbered by the minorities such as the black, red, and yellow races; such as us.

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