Sunday, July 7, 2013

Not so popular now!

        The article "The End of White America?" By Hua Hsu is basically about the  popularity growth of other races in American and how the white race doesn't hold it's place of being the race that everyone wants to be or everyone admires or the race that dominate everything thats suppose to be great, now the fact that other races decided to step out of their norm and expand their talents and labor to build their own brand the power that whites once had has been watered down. Other races are not scared to take up roles that were only allowed for whites 

      Matt Wray decided to pay attention to his white students that he had he discovered that most of them idolized things that didn't even originated from  there race/cultural and because the thought or the teaching of being white is great and being brained washed in these kids heads they don't use the ability to think outside the box. leaving them to think most of the things that was recorded that was believed to be created by white people really was not for example certain songs or genres of  music that was stolen from blacks and rerecorded by a white person which became popular. Which can related to him saying  "That many of his white students are plagued by racial-identity crisis: They don't care about socioeconomics; they care about culture. And to be white is to be culturally broken." 

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  1. Your summary's very short for such a complex article, julicia. And where's your answer to question 1?

    But I think I buy your explanation of Wray's comment on what white students want. The idea of "brainwashing" is a controversial, though, and I'd be curious to know more about what that entails :-)