Monday, July 1, 2013

Myths possible immersions?

Linda Seger had mentioned that "a myth is a story that is "more than true"". The idea of myths being more than true can be very problematic. When watching movies such as Star Wars we tend to believe in this rather true seeming myth causing us to create the immersion. It navigates us to believe that cinema is potentially possible with the strong belief in the myth. Myths should not have to be proven as true or even conceived as possibly true. It defeats the purpose of myths. Myths should be left to the imagination to believe rather than hollywood to create for us. 


  1. I like how you broke down what you felt a myth was. However, i completely disagree with how you stated that "myths should not have to be proven true" because myths ARE true because there someone out there that have lived through them; maybe not on a spaceship far far away, but somewhat similar. Like what Seger said "Myths are based on facts; however, its defined as MORE THAN TRUE because its lived by all of us at some level;"(335) and the reason why we practically feed off of them is because somehow we connect to these mythological stories which speaks to us all.

  2. Good conversation going on here!

    Where's your summary, Sofya?!