Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Myths and Legends

        Linda Seger's "Creating the Myth" tells us that many movies are based on universal stories which we all have experienced. We identify with these stories so we continue going to see them even though the plots are the same. Some stories are "search" (Seger 335) stories and some "hero" (Seger 335) stories.
       Seger mentioned some movies that showcased the "hero" stories. Movies like Star Wars, James Bond, and Romancing the Stone. In Romancing the Stone we see Joan Wilder as a romance writer, enjoying her life with her dog, not looking for much. She receives a package, her apartment is trashed and she gets a call from her sister saying she is in trouble and needs her help. She does not really want to go but it is her sister so she had no choice. On her journey she encounters a trickster - a high ranked official in army - who sends her the wrong way, where she meets her helper Jack, who was to get her to Cartagena where her sister was being held. He found out Joan's reason for being in Colombia in that she had to exchange a map for the sister. He saw the map and along the journey they came across landmarks that were outlined in the map, so they decided to go look for the treasure themselves. They found it only to have been captured by the trickster who lost his arm and the treasure to a crocodile. He pursues Joan and they fight but he falls into the same crocodile pit. Joan rescues her sister and returns to the U.S where she writes a book on her experience, while her helper goes after the crocodile to retrieve the stone. He also returns to the U.S, wearing crocodile boots with a sailboat he always dreamt of owning, to get his girl Joan.
       As in Seger's article, we see this movie has all the parts of a hero story. She contented with her life that somethig happens that sets her out on a journey where she has help, meets a villain, a trickster, and animal archetypes. It also has elements of a search story as she went in search for the treasure, even though that was not the initial story path, and ends up with everything she longed for - her sister, the treasure, and the guy. It comes back to the point Seger was making in that we can identify with these stories. What Joan went through is what anyone of us could go through, not with actually going to a foreign land to look for treasure or rescue someone, but as she says, "story beneath the story." It is the underlying message that she speaks about. It is our journey through life looking for love, for a job, helping out a family member or friend in their time of need. It is these messages that keeps us going back to see movies with the same plot over and over again.


  1. Great post, Dennika!

    But where's your information coming from?

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    1. Where are you getting your information about the film? Did you watch it? What else can you tell us about it besides just a summary?

  3. yes I looked at it. You mean like if it was exciting etc.?