Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Myth or Real Life

    In Creating the Myth by Linda Seger she talks about what is a myth and the different types of myths there are. One of the myths she happens to mention is the hero myth. She shows the journey a hero takes in these hero myths by using "Star Wars" the movie as an example. Seger states, "In any journey, the hero usually receives help, and the help often comes from unusual sources...The hero achieves the goal because of this help, and because the hero is receptive to what this person has to give." An example of this journey is when Obi-Wan Kenobi acts as an mentor to Luke and teaches him the Way of the Force in "Star Wars".
    Seger claims: "A myth is a story that is 'more than true'. Many stories are true because one person, somewhere, at some time lived it. It is based on fact. But a myth is more than true because it is lived by all of us, at some level. It's a story that connects and speaks to us all" (355) A myth is basically "the journey we take in life" (Seger 334) and a fact is something that is true and what's being lived in a particular moment in time. To me the two aren't different from each other because they both have to do with real life problems. It's just that a myth is played by an actor.

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