Monday, July 1, 2013

Myth Or Fact

Linda Seger argues in Creating the Myth about concept of heroism and why millions of people see a film over again & again. She states in her theory that heroism has been traced all the back to many centuries ago. This all started through Greek Mythogly as she states on page 335, in a way you can say it is the father of heriosm.The reason movies involving heroes are so popular is because they are based something we all can identify with whether it's descriptive or prescriptive and it contains archetypes. Seger's states out many different points on how and why we the fans get so attached to the hero's. There are many different myths that create another story. The obstacles and enemies may differ, but the stories are all based on previously told myths. There are main keys to which many writers use as a guide line to make good movie knowing they will have a large fan base to due to fact that we the people can relate with the hero. Whether it's the “Hero Myth” where we see our chacther lonely, misunderstood, innocent, living in a mundane world or relating to “Healing myth” John Book for the Witness seeing how one has emotional or psychological problems. This is an interesting theory because even if an author claims to have created a story all by him or herself, they are unaware that they have subconsciously taken a known myth into their story line or cast. On the other hand some authors are well aware that they were encouraged by a myth and take advantage of this because once again it draws a large numbers of fans or movie critics. 
To me the difference between myth & fact is time. Mythology is a "truth" that has been revised and changed to form something else, you can relate it to a fable in which was created by humans such as Greek Mythology. Truth is also created by humans. Truths are based on logic, and data, and labels. In some ways they can relate because there is always a bit of truth in mythology. The people decide what is true or false as well as mythology. This concept has continued to expand and progress through stories, and films over the years. Humans have always been intrigued with the idea of heroism which is why many movies, books, and stories are written after this idea.

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