Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Myth- Fact or Fiction?

"Creating the Myth" by Linda Seger is a thought provoking article. In the article Seger says we all have had similar experiences no matter what our culture is. The characters and the twists may be different but the underlying story is the same. It is about the "growth, development, and transformation," in life. She shows that many movies are based on these stories highlighting the journey which we take. These stories have different types in that some may be about heroes, others may be about searching. Seger goes on to say that "We call these stories myths." They are found in all cultures from religion to Greek myths, to legends to fairy tales. According to Seger, a myth is story that is "more than true," as it is lived by all. Some are based on true stories like that of Ghandi and Martin Luther King ,Jr as we can identify with their journey through life. Others are based on "make-believe." Some movies highlighted that portray the hero stories are Star Wars, and Romancing the Stone, which show the journey of the hero from being ordinary, to being called to an adventure, to getting help,to being transformed, to facing obstacles, hitting bottom ,overcoming the obstacles and then obtaining the reward.
    According to the freedictionary.com, a myth is "a traditonal typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental in the worldview of a people," or a " fictitious story, person, or thing." With the second definition it can be said that a myth is fiction. A fact is " Knowledge or information based on real occurences," as stated in freedictionary.com. Based on the definitions we can say that they are opposites but from Seger's points, we can say that she is saying that we experience these stories all be it in the sub-conscious, why they are termed as true. They may be problematic when we cannot decipher what is real and what is dreamt. We dream them and we hear them all the time that we think they are real

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  1. But aren't they real? Isn't that why we cling to myths, because they represent some truth or what we want to be true?

    All in all, not a bad post, though, even if it is late ;-)