Monday, July 1, 2013

more then a fairly tale.

Linda Seger article "creating the myth is really about what really is a myth. One important thing that the article said myth is more than true. All myths have common thing in it. Some of these stories are call "search" stories. "they address our desire to find some kind of rare and wonderful treasure"(335). They are also call "Hero" stories. "They come from our own experience of overcoming adversity, as well as our desire to do great and special acts. We root for the hero"(335). Myth are common stories at the root of  the universal existence. Some myth are true stories that people are involved larger then life. A myth has a hero and go through a journey and at the end get a reward. this is found in all cultures and in all literature, Greek myths to fairly tales, legends, and stories drawn from all of the world religions.the real story is covered in tragedy but the big victory is when the myth comes into play. The myth is what we live by today, the truth is what started it all.The hero myth is a story that different . They give you the hero.It always ask what is the hero needs. How do the story and character interact in order to create a transformation. The journey is a process. There always  something new in the hero life to make him have a goal and defeat that goal. The hero has a problem and has to give a solution.heroes such as in the film Star Wars, the hero has transformed itself into being not only the good guy, but the man/woman that brings justice to society. There are many ways to like at a myth but myth could be true or is a myth more then a fairly tale. 



  1. I do believe that heros are created ourselves. We can't depend on mys to create them. It does come from our experiences.

  2. This isn't a bad summary, Erick, but you need to proofread more closely!

    Also, where's your answer to the question?