Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Chapter 10, Question #1


"That deliciousness was something I would deny in my early years in my predominantly white, middle class suburb, where in addition to self-imposing my own version of Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy on discussing my Korean heritage-- you would have to hold me at gun point for me to admit publicly that I ate Spam and really, fracking enjoyed eating Spam". (Kim 21)

This is not to say that Kim is embarrassed of her culture, but rather she holds back her personal information.

What Kim is saying here is that she feels her love for Spam is embarrassing and unacceptable.

In other words, enjoying Spam was not a common thing in the society Kim grew up in. 

To put it another way, Spam was not something to be proud of enjoying.

I'm not sure if I fulfilled the assignment properly..

Kim Sylvie. "The End of Spam Shame: On Class, Colonialism, and Canned Meat”. Reading Pop Culture: A Portable Anthology / Jeff Ousborne. By Jeff Ousborne. Boston: Bedford/St Martins, 2013. 19-24. Print.


  1. My understanding is that we were to use one of our sources from our paper, summarize it then answer question #1 at the end of chapter 10 in TSIS

    Like how you took the article and used the templates to say what was said.

    Seems most of us interpreted it differently. Let's hope Prof. gives us A for effort ;-)

  2. you did a good job using the templates and def agree with dennika point.

  3. Yes, you did it right, Sofya! But you forgot to summarize the article first :-)