Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meta-commen-tary sound it out.

In They Say I Say by Gerald Graff a new chapter has come up. In chapter 10  he talks about many different forms of expressing way of thinking, It also express the concept of "metacommentary" and mentions some standard examples of this idea.In the article, the author did not use any metacommentary, and I saw that he did not use any templates from the chapter. Metacommentary refers to the art of rephrasing oneself for the benefit of strengthening his argument and/or creating more text. I guess the right word for it would be “art” because I feel there is difference with boring writing and metacommentary. I feel that his writing could have been better if he would have used more metacommentary. It would have given it more depth. The article was a bit flat in my eyes, felt he didn’t try and maybe he is trying to make a point. I'm not sure just an opinion. Everyone understands things in different ways, and words but if you break it down more to a level where everyone can understand would be better. I noticed the author was trying to say that was to our writing could be better and never really thought about included example or any in my previous essay. I feel like I should done more when it cames to my writing and now thanks to this article I have a few more tips up my sleeve that will help me change up my past articles.


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    And off topic :-/ The assignment was to analyze the metacommentary of one of your secondary sources!