Thursday, July 11, 2013

Legalize Marijuana!

      In the short excerpt from “A People’s Democratic Platform” by Eric Schlosser, he discusses his discontent toward the drug policies in place in the United States. He argues that over populated prisons, the money the government is losing to the black market, the impact of organized crime, and the corruption that spreads through governments internationally, is not worth stopping people from using marijuana or other illegal substances. Many resources have been wasted on the war on drugs and till now it has failed to create even a dent in the use of illegal substance. So rather than wasting  resources on a failing method, basing the laws on personal morals, Schlosser insist that we should base policies on “common sense.” By this he means, rather than focus on eliminating the use of recreational drugs because they are harmful, we should give our public health system the opportunity to look into policies that would help reduce the harms associated with the clearly unrelenting drug use, as is done in counties like Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, among others.
      Undeniably drugs do cause harm unto the users body but Tabaco and alcohol cause just as much harm. Yet the era when alcohol was illegal is very much behind us. We should also consider only legalizing substances that do not cause such extreme damages associated with the use of cocaine and heroine, such as marijuana. One can also make the argument that by legalizing a drug such as marijuana it will make the drug to easily accessible to the youth of America. On the other hand if legalized, the government would be able to heavily tax the consumers in hand making it more economically difficult for young adults to finance their addiction. It could help the government to better regulate the drug and its distribution by setting age limits and production guidelines, such as what chemicals can be added to the drug before it is sold. It is fair to argue that the public health system is not capable of controlling such a large issue on its own, proven because clearly law enforcement is unable to, but the two organizations together can have a greater impact than one organization alone. Law enforcement can continue to work on keeping drugs away from the black market and the health system can focus on educating users on self control, rehabilitation and most importantly safe practice of drug use

Practice Safe Sex Drug Use

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