Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is Looking the same thing as Noticing? Indiana Jones/KSM

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a movie about Indiana going on a voyage with sidekick/best friend Shorty and singer Willie from China to India. In the beginning Indiana traded a diamond for a valuable to the man in china, but was swindled immediately through the china man poisoning Jones. Through greed by singer Willie, she went for the diamond, and Jones for the antidote. After much of a ruckus, they found themselves almost crashing on the escape plane that they hijacked to get away from the china leader, and landed in India. Once landing in India, the people told Indiana and company that they were the chosen ones to help them return a magic rock in Pankton to bring prosperity to their land. After the romance of Jones and Willie and the epic battle scenes with Indiana and the people of Pankton, Jones was able to bring prosperity to the people of India. The water was clean as opposed to Sand, the children that were taken away from their parents were returned safely, and their means of food supply would return to them again. Through the entire journey of Pankton, Jones, Willie and Shorty found out the true meaning of magic, power, and most of all Love for one another. As Willie would depart from Jones, and to my knowledge Shorty with Jones, Jones would rest for the moment until the next over seemingly impossible challenge awaited him.

How Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom related to Kings Solomons Mines in that they went on an adventure looking for something as well, and in the end had basically the same end result. The end result in KSM like the Indiana Jones movie is that they both main characters learned something. To look for something is one thing, but finding something because you notice all along the overall goal is another. If the overall goal is clear yet, then is looking the same thing as noticing, or does it turn into noticing. Their were clues given to both main characters in both the Indian Jones movie and KSM, but was it observation (Noticing) that led to the end of the journey or was it going with the flow (Looking) looking at a travel guide that led to the end of the book/movie.


  1. Good point, so as a male do you think there are writing good adventure stories and does this kinda of writing attract you to reading or watching?

  2. Good questions!

    And nice post, Joseph!