Sunday, July 7, 2013

Is It Really The End To White America?

    In "The End of White America?" by Hua Hsu the article talks about how their definition of white America is changing and has changed. Immigrants that aren't white basically give white America more culture. As for white America there was no culture so in a way different races helped change the culture white America didn't have. Hsu also brought up Sean Combs as someone who "belongs to the first generation that could safely make a living working in the industry." Combs didn't push his way into the white people's way of living. He simply was himself and everyone followed including whites.
    Hsu quotes sociologist Matt Wray, who describes the "racial-identity crisis" of his white students: "They don't care about socioeconomics; they care about culture. And to be white is to be culturally broke" (153). This means that whites depend on different races to adapt some culture on. They don't have their own culture to follow. Someone can be "broke" culturally because they don't have their own culture to follow, therefore they seek others cultures to live by. The distinction between socioeconomics and culture would be important because culture makes a person way of living while socioeconomics is the economic activity that affects the social process. Without culture who's really going to think about socioeconomics.
    In conclusion the fact that white America is changing because of different cultures isn't a bad thing. We as people of this country can always learn a little from someone's culture and adapt into it. It doesn't show that someone is trying to change, it simply shows that people are willing and able to learn different things everyday.


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