Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is It Business or Pleasure

The article “A Peoples Demographic Platform” is about the failure of the so call “War on Drugs” which is a multi-billion dollar scheme to create revenue for the corrupted states and government officials throughout the world.  The cultural critic and author of this paragraph Eric Schlosser believes that drugs and its abuse should not be in the hands of the criminal justice system but to the public health department system. He then has an understanding that the United States should incorporate harm reduction policies that have been adapted in other countries around the world. His final point is that in the United States we have pharmaceutical companies advertising powerful drugs on billboards and alcohol companies promoting and glorifying alcohol in a so call “drug free Society” has got to be some sort of a joke.  In other words, his belief is that the American society would benefit with drug policies that is less about punishment and more compassion.

Some may not agree with Eric Schlosser but he raises some valid points that we should consider. First, the so call “war on drugs” is more about a business and making money than protecting the people from addiction and breaking the law.  This is just to keep the revolving door of the prisons swinging and the business of prisoners doing hard labor for pennies, which keeps the real money in the states and governments pockets.  Instead they choose not to create more jobs for the citizens that they would have to pay way more to right? Second, shifting the responsibility from the criminal justice system to the public health care system still sounds quite far-fetched and maybe way too big of a job to place into the hands of the health care system.  Third, if we're really consider seeing this through, congress should place an independent commission as well as someone to oversee these ideas of this health care possibility and the constituents of the elected official should be able to vote the person out if things aren't being run appropriately. Finally, unless the government is willing to expand resources in the health care department and the way we as Americans are accustom to the government not making the right moves in our benefit we may have to put a pause on that idea for now, not to mention some of these health care systems are run by private entities who have their own agenda, especially with the key word being BUSINESS.

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    Also, you're just agreeing with Schlosser here. You were meant to provide a naysayer to his argument :-/