Sunday, July 7, 2013

Is the end near?

In the essay "The End of White America", by Hua Hsu, it about how whites are becoming a minority group inside of America and why this is happening. It states that in today's era being white isn’t that important because they are becoming under populated. This came about due to all the immigrants and interracial population rising. Around the twentieth century if you came into the United States as an immigrant there was only one way to be a full citizen or if you wanted to be considered as a white and that consist of blending in and following the rules and traditions that the whites had. What this lifestyle meant was you had to dress and speak like the whites do, you had to learn English go to the same schools, the same stores. You had to give up your traditions & culture and follow new ones. The purpose was to look and conduct yourself like a white to make America look competent and so they won't feel so intimidated by us. Even Celebrities marriages are to another race like, Sean Combs, Will Smith and other people in the industry are changing the image because they are not afraid to embrace there element of culture.
In this article it shows how America is constantly changing. The minorities and immigrants views on "white America" is something of the past, it no longer exist. They view it as no longer being a threat to them; they don't have to worry about having to leave behind their religion to become white. Now they have more freedom and can do things which were not possible before. Now as Hsu states, "Whiteness is no longer a precondition for entry into the highest levels of public office." Minorities and immigrant back then all wanted to be White, to fit into society and be an American but now they don't care or worship the idea of being White.
According to sociologist Matt Wray he said “They don’t care about socioeconomics; they care about culture. And to be white is to be culturally broke.”(153) this means that nowadays being white is nothing to be proud of. They no longer have an advantage over others races. Wray states that the white student might be privileged and have a lot of money and have the upper hand on socioeconomically but they did not have a sense of culture and he claims that the whites are bit disappointed because having culture is in a way the way of life for a society. It includes codes of dress, language, religion, games etc. They never get to know what that’s like and he feels they are missing out a part of life and all the power and items you have can't give you a sense of culture.


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