Sunday, July 28, 2013

Indy friendlier than Quatermain?

During the watching of Indiana Jones, I found it completely relevant to King Solomon's Mines. Both are the epitome of boys adventure stories'. In Indiana Jones main character Mr. Jones was a tough, smart, and handsome individual. He was what all young boys dream to become.  Although in King Solomon's Mines Quatermain possessed some flaws and wasn't as good hearted or heroic as Jones was. Both stories had a "Magic Negro" character, Umbopa in KSM and Short Round in Indiana Jones. Short Round was of the Asian race, but still fit the "Magic Negro" stereotype. The fact that he was accompanying a white race and was helping in the journey, he was still in a lower role. Short Round was respected better than Umbopa was in KSM. Noticing that a female was not quite included in any love affair in KSM, Indiana Jones had one of the main character Willie play Jones's lover and company in the journey. She was portrayed as a "dumb blonde" stereotype. She was a high maintenance whinny individual that wasn't very respected. Willie was a beautiful individual in the interest of males. I enjoyed watching the movie better than KSM because Indiana Jones was more targeted for the good and promotes less violence. 


  1. i didn't know we could use the novel as a comparison to the movie i thought it had to be only one of the articles. Other than that i like your comparison of Short Round and Umbopa as the "magical negro" stereotype.

  2. Yeah, I was pretty loose when I said "reading" for the assignment, amenah :-)

    Where's your summary, Sofya?!