Saturday, July 27, 2013

Indie and KSM

King Solomone's Mines and Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom are very much similar with the native tribe, the under ground temple of the died kings (or gods), the treasure and "the magical" character that helps the white character grow in the movie. The scene when Indie gets trapped in the cave the walls closes in on him as the door slides shut is a complete rip of of H. Rider Haggard version when Allan Qautermain, Sir. Henry and Mr. Good got trapped in the treasure room, as the door slammed shut the only difference was that no one died this time. In Indie ;The mines with the kids working was like an army kinda like the army in KSM the native tribes had. Questioning life or death with the greed theme of the treasure or your life when Indie let the diamonds fall into the river he saved his life and kept a souvenir of one diamond. Indie did not want to go on this journey he originally wanted to take the plane as an escape from a fight little did he know that plane was owned by his enemy, the pilots parachuted out of the plane leaving him to die but instead he crashed landed in India. Qauterman wanted an advantade so he went on this trip in good faith to find Sir. Goods brother while so they killed the evil Kwloga (sorry for spelling). Kwloga was not a good person, she was a witch killed thousands of her own people for the sake of the tribe. At the end both stories showed how they all lived through an advantageous journey with a little bit of riches and a story to tell that evil doing is happening all over the world and all though Qautermain or Indie my not be the best role models they still made a lot of good in a bad situation with intentions of greed, the world is a little bit nicer thanks to their good deeds.     


  1. Brad, Brad, Brad, at first I thought you were speaking about Twala but as I read on i realized you meant Gagool ;-). Indy didn't have diamonds he had a stone which was sacred to the village but when more than one of them were together they glowed and probably had element of power.
    I agree that both KSM and Indiana Jones Temple of Doom had similar plot of the tribe and their rituals which seem barbaric to the outside world. So we can say that Indiana Jones just like KSM is an adventure story for boys

    1. Dennika is right about everything, EXCEPT that it was the diamonds INSIDE the sacred stones that made them glow ;-)

      I hope your final paper is better proofread than this, Brad ;-)

  2. YES GAGOOL! Sorry, I did not have the book with me as Iwrote this and I too hope my essay is better proofread than this as well... Hard weekend......