Tuesday, July 9, 2013

End of "white hood"

Hua Hsu believes that in time our world of “white hood” will come to an end. The idea of white supremacy coming to an end puts many off and out of their comfort zones. In the 20’s a debate over the definition of whiteness as a legal category as proved that the racial paranoia and just goes to show how far we’ve come. “According to an August 2008 report racial minorities—blacks and Hispanics, East Asians and South Asians—will account for a majority of the U.S. population by the year 2024” (Hsu 146). 

In order to be considered white, any immigrant must blend in with the American ways. “They wanted to imitate white America as much as possible: learn English, go to church, go to the same schools” (Hsu 147). Today problems such as that don’t arise. As mentioned by Hsu, whitness is no longer a precondition for entry into the highest level of office. Sure prejudice still exists, but no longer can you have the right to deny an opportunity based on skin tone.

The idea of White America coming to an end means minority not being minority. Sean Combs is a hip-hop mogul and the one of the most famous African American’s on the planet. He has become successful as a fashion designer, artist, and a music executive worth hundreds of millions of dollars. “Combs is both a product and a hero of the new cultural mainstream, which prizes diversity above all else, and whose ultimate goal is some vague notion of racial transcendence, rather than submersion or assimilation (Hsu 149). The evidence of minority being able to gain wealth, power, and success ultimately proves that whites aren’t in control no more. Whites aren’t the only ones with shinning opportunities of the American Dream.

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