Monday, July 8, 2013

Does America has culture
    In the passage of "The End of White America" by Hua Hsu  the readers know how the act of Amendments are making America to loose some of the white power. Because of this law of freedom of speech and freedom of religion and so on lead to immigrants to practice their culture. Hua is telling us how now with the result from the census show us readers how immigrants are taking is increasing over the America country and the White Americans are decreasing, due to to how when  America welcome any nation to his land. However when the immigrants immigrate to America, they  don't really need to learn the American culture since they are free to practice their culture with any problems.
                    Hua quote Matt Wray on how he show attention to his white students by asking them about socioeconomics however the students were not really care about the socioeconomics they were mostly care about their culture. To them they feel they need to have their own culture besides race. Someone can be broke culturaly when that person don't really have one to practice or for someone to recognize.


  1. Your summary's a bit short, schmidie, so much so that it feels like you only looked at the first couple of pages of the article. Really be sure to hit on all the main points throughout the article.