Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Devils Advocate on Drugs, MMMKAY?!

Drugs are bad but if you use them for all the right reasons there should not be punishment. I understand that our laws are different then from Spain or Portugal we want our citizens to know that this is a crime, even the smallest amount of illegal substances can and will hurt you. Although it's OK do try new things but we need to obey the law, just because I haven't tried killing someone doesn't mean I want to (and you shouldn't ether). But think about the good things that would come out of changing the laws about having a small amount of drugs on you. We can work out a health care treatment, therapy, abuse course provided by the health care you have to learn how to control your usage of the drug. How would that work? Clearly you've never been in a mental institutional, they try to give them their meds in a controlled environment. Trust me when  I say that this could work in our streets because of mental institutional's approach to distributing medis.

p.s I have no idea if this is done right, I think this is what the h.w was.. read chap 6 answer the first question.. this makes sense to me.


  1. Seems you are agreeing with the article but you were to object to it

  2. What Dennika said :-/

    Plus, it's late.