Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deteriorating White Privilege

The idea of White America coming to an end means minority not being minority. Sean Combs is a hip-hop mogul and the one of the most famous African American’s on the planet. He has become successful as a fashion designer, artist, and a music executive worth hundreds of millions of dollars. “Combs is both a product and a hero of the new cultural mainstream, which prizes diversity above all else, and whose ultimate goal is some vague notion of racial transcendence, rather than submersion or assimilation (Hsu 149). The evidence of minority being able to gain wealth, power, and success ultimately proves that whites aren’t in control no more. Whites aren’t the only ones with shinning opportunities of the American Dream.

The rise of hip-hop was a major game changer for the African American culture. “To its mythologization of the self-made black anti-hero hip-hop is more than a musical genre: it’s a philosophy, a political statement, a way of approaching and remaking culture” (Hsu 150). Hip-hop is very symbolic, it has been the one musical genre that has not been stolen and remade by the white race. Though rapper Eminem, a white individual, has made hip-hop “safe for white America” he has embraced the music and is only one of few to be able to do so.

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  1. I'm not sure I see how this demonstrates research, Sofya :-/ It's just summary of Hsu's thoughts on rap. Who are Combs and Eminem, and how do they support his point in the article? Pick one of them and research.