Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Crazy White Folks!?

The End of White America by Hua Hsu breaks downs down how having a country as a melting pot of all different kinds of culture, religion, race and traditions. The dominant race used to be white but now with the foundations that this country was founded on, the tide has turned. Now with the help of Sean Combs, Will Smith and other major players in the entertainment industry changed the image of how success looks like and comes from. How anyone from anywhere can make a name for themselves in this great land is what makes The United States of America the great country we are today. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” is our saying and it has never been more true today.  
Being white in America has turned the nation upside down. Not having white culture is giving white people identity issues by not having any real culture of their own. Instead we are stuck with the two different stereotypes: The White Trash whities of low income status and the other high income whites, as my father puts it “The Rolling Stones Whites.” See my dad was a boy when The Rolling Stones came about and he saw first hand at concerts it was all white lawyers, doctors ect. who would go see them even till this day but in todays world this economical class does not consist of whites as much as it did back then. Today we have Doctors and Lawyers of all kinds of backgrounds, this is where the cultural identity comes in because of this change the white class does not realize that the socioeconomics count as a culture. In order to keep your socioeconomic status you need to work, study, and attend community based activities such as religious settings anyone can do but the white community oversees this causing frustration as well as identity issues as well do to lack of culture.
Being “broke culturally” is that America is adopting culture from every corner of the world without any contribution from the white class is defining what it means to be broke culturally. The connection between socio economics and culture is important because the mainstream idol advertised Hollywood image of success used to be “Blond Hair, Blue Eyes” now its whatever the trend is, today's trend is Hispanic giving examples from “Dora The Explora.”  This connection is a second form of identity, through Doctors and “The Rolling Stones” to Hollywoods advertising the trend . As P. Diddy said “We, aint, going. We aint, going  nowhere! Cause we bad boys for life!” (Bad Boy For Life)   


  1. I agree with the point on not having any culture of their own. Back in the days there was segregation which would not be considered culture and since then it had been the minorities culture that they have been adopting, hencenotthing to call their own

  2. This isn't a bad post, Brad, but I'm having a hard time telling which ideas here are yours and which are Hsu's. And with such a touchy subject, that's really important :-/