Sunday, July 7, 2013

As the Tables Turn

     Hua Hsu, in his article "The End of White America?" shows how America is constantly changing regarding who is considered minority, Today the minorities and immigrants view "whiteness" or "white America" as something of the past. They view it as no longer being a threat to them. They now can do many things which were not possible in the past. In the past there was racial segregation and the minorities had great hardships getting good jobs. Now as Hsu states, "Whiteness is no longer a precondition for entry into the highest levels of public office."
     Matt Wray a sociologist said his students were plagued by racial- identity crisis. he states,"They don't care about socioeconomics; they care about culture. And to be white is to be culturally broke." This is saying that when the students check through history, there is nothing to be proud of. There is nothing of significance that can be handed down from one generation to the next without involving the minority groups, example hip-hop which originated by the blacks. The comparison between socioeconomics and culture is important in that whites are not worried about their socioeconomis status as they are wealthy and can maintain that level but not having something to identify as your own through history is troubling to them., hence the reason the say they are culturally broke.


  1. I completely agree. as stated in the article that nowadays being white is not the greatest thing or the best thing to be proud of, because they are becoming underpopulated. Thus, giving others races the advantage for many opportunities to be handed to them.

    P.S: by the way, great explanation of Wray's statement.

  2. So this was our longest article and marked the first time I asked the class to respond to 2 questions, and this is all you wrote?!

    I kid. You crunched a ton of information into your summary, but I think you're still missing some important thoughts. These would have helped your answers come out a little stronger :-)

  3. Your post was very good especially the second paragraph I just feel because you mad so much valid and strong points you could of give more examples