Wednesday, July 10, 2013

can culture take ove the White America?
                        According to the 20's debate of the definition of whiteness Hsu let his readers notice how racial has taken over the America. According to the report of the U.S Census bureau in 2008 were categorizes as racial Minority, Blacks and Hispanics, East Asian and South Asian  and it account the majority of the population in 2042. According to Bill Imada the head of the IW group a prominent Asian American communication and marketing company thinks  in 1920to 1940 when anyone immigrated in America they will have the ispiration to blend in be as American as possible so that white American wouldn't be intimidated by them, they will go to school, church, and learn the American language to imitate the white American as much as possible.(p146)
       However in todays world is more complex. It doesn't matter of what race or skin color to be in a higher levels of public office."The son of Indian immigrants doesn't have to become "white" in order to be elected governor of Lousiana" stated Hsu. i belive to him he feels that race has taking over the White America the fact now any other race can become something in hight public place as long as they have the education for whatever position that they applied even if they m,eet the requirement such as a born citizen of the United stated. As he Mention a Half-kenyan, Half-kansa politician can self-identify as black and be elected president of the United states.   

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  1. schmidie, this is just another summary of "The End of White America?" You were meant to research one of his references, tell us about it, and explain how it supports his points.