Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Influential Yankee

This is a part of my essay in essay number 2, I did this part already, just putting what I have so far in this blog:
Graff gives us a vivid explanation of his growing up: “I offer my own adolescent

experience as a case in point. Until I entered college, I hated books and cared only for sports.

The only reading I cared to do or could do was sports magazines, on which I became hooked,

becoming a regular reader of Sport magazine in the late forties, Sports Illustrated when it began

publishing in 1954”. (199) What this explanation of Graff’s early childhood does is shows us an

empty coloring book (Graff) and when he opens his eyes, he gives reading a chance (coloring

pages in the coloring book). Even though it’s only sports books, he is reading and obviously he

read more than sports books after his adolescent years to be writing this article Hidden

Intellectualism. Graff then continues to discuss a baseball player by the name of Joe Dimaggio.

Joe Dimaggio played for the New York Yankees. This story of Dimaggio is about Graff having

looked up to this not so ordinary baseball player. Dimaggio is a legend and will forever be

known as one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Being such an important part to

the game of baseball, this gave inspiration to so many, including Graff, and still people today

from that era or the current era. How this insight of Graff’s growing up and idolization of Icons

like Joe Dimaggio relate to being smart or Intellectual is that Graff wasn’t always perceived to

be a smart person or an Intellectual early in his life. Through perseverance and sticking to what

he knows, and opening his eyes to other aspects of the spectrum that is learning and

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  1. Joseph, this is an okay summary, but that's all it is. Where's you research of one of references? You mention Sports Illustrated magazine, but what's all this about a colouring book?

    You need to research one of his reference, and explain how it supports his points.