Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ain't so/ Is not

Exercise 2

(Intro from ENG12 essay)
What comes to mind when you hear the news of a new born? Or when you invited to a baby shower? The most common response would be “is it a girl” or “is it a boy”. As a matter of fact this is a very big question to answer. Marketing has programmed into believing what is gender appropriate and what is not. From a very young age kids are tricked into believing what  they should or should not like based on stereotypical gender toys, colors, activities, and carriers. Women are generally targeted for “house wife” and boys to be more “adventurous” and “outgoing”. This set up creates a gender gap and major inequality.

I feel as though the beginning starts off as a more casual conversation with the reader. Later on presents the facts and sets a more serious tone. There would be no space to add on more or less casual or academic structure for the appropriate audience with the subject and the point trying to get across.  There is a good balance, I believe. 

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  1. I agree, there's a pretty good balance here :-)

    Too bad it's late :-P