Sunday, July 7, 2013

A hard time to be a White guy.

     The article "The End of White America?" by Hua Hsu shows how America has changed over the past century. Where there is no technical dominant race in America, that we are a country that has no defining background. The immigrants that have come to America have help paved a way to a "better" America but with that happening the previous dominant race feels conflicted, that being the Whites. The Whites have a sense of not knowing who they are because they do not have a "culture" to which defines them.
     Whitness in America was something all immigrants strive for back in the early 1920's to the 1960's. Being White was what they wanted to be, they wanted to fit into society and be an American at that time. Being a White man was what got you a job back in the early American years but now it is viewed as a thing of the past where racism was a predominate thing.
     Paragraph 34 opens with a Sociologist by the name a Matt Wray who observed his white students and is quoted to say "That many of his white students are plagued by racial-identity crisis: They don't care about socioeconomics; they care about culture. And to be white is to be culturally broken." Meaning they don't know who they truly are. They is no "White" music, cuisine , or traditions that other cultures have. What gives Whites their background is where their family comes from, such as being an Italian, having a Sunday dinner with family consisting of pasta, that is an Italian tradition. There is nothing like that for White people, we base our traditions off of our backgrounds.  As for cuisine, we refer to a taco or burrito as Mexican cuisine, curry we refer to Indian cuisine, but we don't refer to any particular food as White cuisine. For Wray students to claim to be culturally broken I would say is accurate since they is nothing that we can proudly say "This particular thing is apart of being a White man".


  1. decent summary i liked your point on how being white isn't something people want to be, eventually people we see each other by culture instead of race

  2. Your summary's a little light, and you need to proofread. But I essentially agree with your interpretations!