Tuesday, June 25, 2013

who don"t want to be a ranger

The article "Violent Media Is Good Is Good For Kids" by Gerard Jones starts off with the author speaking about his up bring on how his parents taught him that violence was wrong. The article raise a good question about whether or not children should view, or listen to violent media. In "Violent Media is Good for Kids". They are many agreement that violence for kids is not good but i get one thing out of it that Jones. " I think it has helped inspire some people to real-life violence. I am going to argue that it's helped hundreds of people for every one it's hurt, and that it can help far more if we learn to use it well"(Jones). I agree with this because character like the hulk give kid a help to escape from life.They see this hero  with power and they can do anything they want.   

  The power ranger was my escape, this show was for kids but the true is that the power had a lot of violent. But, Power ranger should the important on how to work as a team and also show how to a good person and having human no matter what. But the power ranger has violence but is it good and but at the end they team up and destroy evil.  
the book King Solomon Mine’s by H. Rider Haggard The character can also be like power ranger because they are a team and use each other for help.

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  1. Dude, you seriously need to proofread. Parts of this are almost unreadable :-/

    And why is it all centered and in italics/bold?

    Your summary's not bad, but I don't see how this article relates to King Solomon's Mines.