Sunday, June 30, 2013

Which One Is Better?

“They Say, I Say” by Gerald Graff has an essay entitled, "Hidden Intellectualism," which is about "Street Smarts." And how it differs from "Book smart" Graff states that most people believe intellectual smarts is more important in the real world but he does not agree with those people. He thinks "street smarts" is the more knowledgeable. Graff says when he was in school he would rather read about sports then a play written by Shakespeare. His conclusion is that he would prefer a student to write about something they enjoy, then for them to write a piece on a boring subject that they do not care for. Most people who are “street smart” you can say might have advantage over some people through communication and know certain subjects in which will come more in handy then rhetoric of a Shakespearean play. This is something that can help you survive in the real world. On the other hand life cannot work like that because we need school and education to forward our minds so miracles and break through can happen. The main purpose of School is learning and it gives people a chance to open up their mind and give them more options in life. I would have dis agree with Graff choice and I would have to pick "book smart" because even though it might not help you learn the formula of X times pie minus the sun of mass it is helping your brain in the best way because you are opening and learning new things with "street smart" I feel you are only limited after you learn all the things on the street there is to know, Now what? With school there are endless of subjects to be learned every day. The consist battle between what students want to be taught and what needs to be taught will always be a big debate throughout time until people find a solution in which the two can co-exist
When I was reading this essay I was in the comfort of my home like always. When I saw what the article was about I finished it in all one sitting because I was curious to what the author had to say. I did devote time to just reading but only until I was done tackling other responsibilities like working. At first when I finished I felt I wasn’t completely satisfied so I went back to re-read it to make sure I would be able to answer the questions right and to see what Graff’s main point, When I read something I’m not such a huge fan of writing notes so instead to save some time I use a highlighter to underline the main parts and ideas, Thanks to doing what I did with the highlighter it gave me a chance to finish my work faster.

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  1. Good response, Joanna! Just remember to separate your thoughts from the summary! State what "They Say" first, then what you say :-)