Monday, June 24, 2013

What has the Cinema turn into?

“Mystical Black Characters Play Complex Cinematic Role” by Rita Kempley We see how the White characters are portrayed in books, movies, etc. opposed to the black characters. We see big differences between these two race & on the white men view them as well. People think that just by putting a black person and a white person in a movie together is all fine and dandy to makes a decent movie but that is just distraction to what they don’t want you to notice on how a black person is being portrayed in movies. Throughout time a name has been given to a certain group who have played these roles and they are called “Magic Negros” what that is basically is a supporting character in American cinema who is portrayed to come to the rescue in movies with white character as lead. They called it that because the characters, always seem to possess special mystical powers that was the cure to all of life’s problem. It has been like this for long period in American cinema. Kempley makes her point through the story by pointing out certain movies that have a black characters act the role of a magic negro. The authors gives many example like “The Green Mile”, “Bruce Almighty” are great to use because we see the actors Morgan Freeman, Michael Clarke Duncan, helping a white man in the movie for the main purpose of making their lives better in the long run. Weird that the American society chose that role but because of them "The white community has been taught not to listen to black people. I truly feel that white people are more comfortable with black people telling them what to do when they are cast in magical role" (Pg 314, Lee). The relation is that some white people still look down on black people, he states that they can't seem to process the information any other way. I hope in time that is notion of black people playing the magical characters will end.

I do think these is bad because it gives us a image on how to view a certain race and maybe not intentionally more subliminal. In King Solomoan Mines’s we saw how Quatermain and the rest of the Europeans view on the African. When Twala is introduce we see Quatermain descried him & makes fun by the way he looks and he is harsh in his judgments by seeing Twala they way, but that goes to show you that this took place back then. Even though Quatermian tries not to be racist and think people should be equal, But the way he was brought up he only has one image on what he believes an African male should look like & all Europeans see them as negative.


  1. i agree that in both the article and the book, it is seen where whites think they are superior to blacks.Thought you would've mentioned who had or appeared to have magical powers in King Solomon's Mines.

  2. Yes you are Right, I guess I must have forgotten to put that in that what happens when you do your homework late lol

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    Still, good analysis :-)

  4. I completely agree! One shouldn't how they say "judge a book by its cover." All black people don’t act, live or talk the same way. Stereotypes are not good to have about other people that are different then you. It lessens your chances to gain knowledge on someone new; thus causing society to basically judge African Americans as whole.