Monday, June 24, 2013

"Violent Media is Good for Kids" Response

I would like to start off by saying that all humans were born aggressive and evil.
It's a bold statement i know but the reason we don't follow through with these emotions is because of the following 3 Things:

1. Self-control
2. Acceptable outlets
3. Proper role-models/ mentors

If a human being does go through with their aggression or evil intention, something went wrong with one of the above, or one was absent all-together.
It happens to all of us, some more then others. Now back to Gerard Jones article "Violent Media is Good For Kids"

I do agree with many things Jones writes about including "Identification with a rebellious, even destructive, hero helps children to push back against a modern culture that cultivates fear and teaches dependency"
This an example of an acceptable outlet. The key here is identifying with the hero, living through the character, using the character as an outlet; not imitating the actions themselves. Using these "destructive" heroes as role-models is where things may go wrong. Kings Solomon's Minds is a great example of an acceptable outlet for the "Big and Little boys who read it" according to the dedication page. There's a reason why a story revolving around violence is so popular with this audience. With the pent up anger/aggression we were all predisposed since we were born, finding an outlet is the healthiest answer for the human race. Jones will likely agree that transferring our aggression to the characters and violent events in the novel would be considered a healthy way to release anger and frustrations.

When parents argue for the opposing side or con-violent media for kids, they are afraid of the violent media having an influence on the child. Jones believes that this influence is mostly positive, while the parents argue that the few that do obtain a negative influence is enough to pollute our youth. Influence and having self-control over the influences around us is one of the most difficult skills acquired especially in our modern day society surrounded by pop culture. It is important that we educate the youth on ways to practice self-control early on before its too late. An excerpt on influence stated multiple times in the New Testament "Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man."
Pop culture enters us constantly, same goes for violent media for kids, but once you let these sources influence your actions let alone your thoughts, you have lost self control and it does happen to everyone especially children.

It's our duty as proper role models/mentors to educate our youth on using acceptable outlets for our aggression and show the importance of practicing self-control.

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