Sunday, June 23, 2013

Violence is never the answer...Or is it?

In Violent Media is Good for Kids, Gerard Jones claims that violent media is indeed good for children. In this story we learn how violence and rage affects young children and if it does in a bad way. After reading this, my opinion I had on the subject before changed a little. According to Jones, violent media can actually have positive effects on young children because it can help c with the emotional stress that they feel but are forced to keep it inside of them.  It is helpful because it gives them a chance to get a good grip on life by immersing themselves in violent stories. I have realized that not all media violence is a bad thing to have as a child. Jones states that pretending to have superhuman powers helps children conquer the feelings of powerlessness that inevitably come with being so young and small. He doesn't include statistics to back-up his arguments. He does however include examples on how it can be positive. Yes it can be argued that violence has a negative effect on young children, but I do not believe that for a second. I also agree with the author is because I was one of kids myself I am a huge fans of comic books my favorite has to be Cyclops from “X-men” because he is the opposite of the tough, anti-authority but he also is Selfless, self-disciplined and is ethical, these were the things I could relate too. I feel this relates to the book King Solomon Mine’s by H. Rider Haggard  because we see how scared the travelers were to go on this journey but then Courage came into play and help them break through it, that fear was now no longer a problem. They are very brave men knowing that will die a painful death that speaks bravely to me, that sounds like a superhero. And also see why the men on this trip want to be Mr.Quatermain and how much they respect him because is not afraid.  They will not let “fear greed, power-hunger, and rage” (pg374, Moore). Get the better of them.


  1. You have a great title, Joanna!

    But remember to separate your points into paragraphs :-)

  2. Thank you it took met a second to come up with one. Yes i know i will take that advice and apply it to my next blog.