Monday, June 24, 2013

The Storyline Black Stereotype

            As Rita Kempley had mentioned a term called "magic negro". This term stereotypes roles dark skinned individuals get when playing their role. As stated by Kempley "Every one of the actors has to help a white guy find his soul or there won't be a happy ending". This is an on going stereotype in our pop culture. Famous actors like Queen Latifah are given to play interesting and quite controversial roles. In the movie Latifah starred in (Bringing Down the House) Kempley made an interesting comment stating "White and black people are getting along and having fun. Isn't that great?" which is the point that movie is enforcing. Making Latifah not only a maid but socially below the white actor Peter Martin. This stereotype lives on as people are too ignorant to notice that this is quite racist and they do not see the unconscious messages.

Same goes with Umbopa in Kings Solomon's Mines. Umbopa plays the "magic negro" as Kempley would have said. He is the shadowy hero. Although he is a good guy and helps out Quatermain, he will always be socially lower than him. Umbopa will never be on the same level of respect as Quatermain for his skin color does not allow him. The "magic negro" is too common of a stereotype and will take time to wash away. People have to be more attentive to this stereotype.


  1. I agree that some people are too ignorant to see what is right infront of there faces! Such as Quattermain and Umbopa, the example you gave! If only this ignorantness never existed.

  2. This is a good summary and analysis of KSM! But you answer question 4 as part of your summary! Give it its own paragraph and then connect that to your analysis. Does KSM contribute to this ignorance?