Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Reality Getaway

    In "The Art of Immersion: Fear of Fiction" by Frank Rose, he basically states that we do not want authenticity. "It's no coincidence that we are beset by questions of authenticity. Value is a function of scarcity, and in time of scripted reality TV and Photoshop everywhere, authenticity is a scarce commodity." (370, Rose) We simply love to be fed into lies, which I believe is true. To most people it keeps things interesting especially in books, TV shows and movies. When your watching a movie like "Avatar" you see all these 3D actions and you wish you can be in all that action as well. You want to be in Pandora, blue, connecting to the plants and everything around you with just a touch from your hair. In this point in time you want to be sucked into the fakeness and be one of the characters to escape from your reality in that little moment in time. It's what we love about watching these types of movies.
    "Novels, in other words, were not yet on a par with more acceptable pursuits, like games and social networking. But if you had to indulge in them, best to get over with as quickly as possible." (370, Rose) For example in reading "King Solomon's Mines" by H. Rider Haggard, the character Allan Quatermain was telling Captain Good and Sir Henry Curtis a story about a man he met named José da Silvestra. When he was done telling the story about the man and the handmade map made from the man's blood and bone. Sir Henry was quick to believe that the story that he was telling wasn't authentic. Sir Henry stated, "It's a queer story, Mr. Quatermain." To me even these fiction books the characters in the books are quick to believe that a story isn't authentic until they are truely convinced otherwise.
    Back to agreeing with Frank Rose we say we want authenticity but truely deep down we rather be lied to so we can get a personal kick out of it and get away from reality. I mean who doesn't want to get away from the reality of being an adult and having responsibilities for a short period of time. This is why "...authenticity is a scarce commodity." (370, Rose)