Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Green Vacation!! 💭

It's always up for debate that what your (child)ren are exposed to tends to  have a effect on the decisions that they make in their everyday life. In  most cases people blame television ,cartoons being specific a bad influence kids reenact. The violent behavior in cartoons worry many parents ,but Gerard Jones author of "Violent Media Is Good For Kids" explains as a child he felt ''alone and afraid and how he suffocated his deepest fears and desires under a nice boy persona" but being introduced to comic books "freed him" as a child with "The Hulk" being somewhat of an escape from all his insecurities  Jones figured out at an older age that fictional character give kids some sort courage when facing the things they tend to challenged with.

Growing up I didn't have a character I wanted to be like but having nieces and nephews I'm able to witness their  experiences with some of the characters that I see they reenact, for example my 9 year old nephew is a huge power ranger fan he loves to dress up in his costume and pretend that objects shaped as swords are his weapons although the show  power rangers is full of violence it gives a positive message and that is defeating a villain which I take advantage of when I need him to complete a task like eating vegetables by saying something like " The rangers would of ate their vegetables" which makes him eat his, basically what I'm saying is even though fiction characters sometimes betray violence not all kids act in a violent manor and sometimes they look up to these character as a role model.

King Solomon Mines has  a lot of violence in it but the violence to me doesn't represent negativity it represent obstacles , for example the killing of the elephants he has a purpose behind it and in "Violent Media Is Good For Kids" even though  "The Hulk" is known for a  guy who tends to get violent when he's upset, Jones uses the fictional character has an escape.


  1. Hi Julicia, nice post! My brothers were the same way when it came to Power Rangers. I could get them to do most anything if I told them "that what the Power Rangers would do."

    I do have a suggestion, the font you chose is fun and decorative but it is hard to read. It's a good font for breaking up subjects and titles - even though it looks like the title of this blog doesn't recognize this font. I would try using a cleaner font like Ariel or Helvetica. It will help the reader and make you post more professional looking.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you I tried to change the font so many times but I'm going to try the two u suggested next time !

  3. This is a good summary, julicia. But how does it relate to King Solomon's Mines?