Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Beauty of Fake

When Frank Rose had mentioned that we do not want authenticity, he is absolutely right. Everyone knows that subjects are so much more appealing when they are intangible. We live in a world where media sets high standards, making people strive impossibly high. An example would be fashion marketing that create impossibly perfect women. With the help of technology and photo edit, they are able to create a sense of jealousy and insecurity in females making them strive for this impossible beauty.

But these ridiculous and superficial changes to photos are not a surprise to people. Many are aware of what happens behind the scenes. But we still consider the picture of Britney Spears to the right as better. No one wants to see an average female body, we want to see perfect. We don't want "authenticity" we want eye candy. When watching Avatar Rose had said that "technology makes authenticity suspect, and technology gives us the withdrawal to demand it-- if thats what we really want". The movie Avatar would not be as brilliant if the character were so digitally realistic as they were. They made people believe that it was true. When we think we want to go back to Pandora, even though we've never been there it's because of the illusion. We will always crave the illusions technology presents us and crave the perfection, but in the end its only entertainment for our minds and imaginations.


  1. I love how this was written. I agree with "We live in a world where media sets high standards, making people strive impossibly high." Yes, society has us in my opinion sitting around trying to be like everyone else instead of us just trying to be the best you that you can be. However, I disagree with you when you say "No one wants to see an average female body." We do but we are being told that it is not acceptable! We are being told that it is ugly. To be accepted by society (if that matters to you)You would then agree!!!!! I know I would love to see me in these images!!! It would help me to know WE ARE NOT ALL MADE TO LOOK OR BE THE SAME!!!

    1. Agreed, I don't think I stated that properly. People are just brainwashed into thinking average bodies are unacceptable and only appreciate perfect bodies because the media tells us too. Thank you for the feedback :-)

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  3. This is well-written, Sofya, and I'm really glad you incorporated a visual! Way to make use of the blog space :-)

    But as we said in class, try to stay on the novel for now ;-)