Sunday, June 30, 2013

Interest is key

"Hidden intellectualism" by Gerard graff is basically stating how individuals are intellectual in different ways. Some are more book smart and some are more street smart. Not all people are interested in all subjects at school. Some are interested in none. However, graff is trying to get across a very important statement and its simply to include things on an academic level that support every child's interest for learning. For most people, if they aren't interested in leaning it, they will not learn it. However, if they have an interest for it, they will apply themselves to the work. intellectualism comes in many ways, shapes and form. We just need more adjust for the students. Schools need to focus more on individual learning interests, what fascinates that particular student. Once that is mastered, school will essentially be much more pleasant.  Graff can relate to his own work tremendously because as a child he experienced the same exact problem. His love for sports was unconditional and wasn't focused on any other subject. He felt if the curriculum included some classes regarding his personal Interests, he would have been more successful as a student. 


  1. I agree that if a student is interested in something they will learn it but if they aren't they would not bother trying to learn anything about it. I think some colleges are adding subjects that will interest students, example those who like to cook will do culinary courses, those interested in sports, there is sports management, or those who like outdoors there are recreational management. So as time goes by maybe they will get it right.

  2. This isn't a bad summary, Anna, but where's the rest of the assignment?