Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Immersion through the eyes of a reader

Frank Rose wrote a story called “The Art of Immersion Fear of Fiction” it is about how the Internet is changing the world of entertainment. For the first time we are seeing the first medium that can act like all media. It comes in many forms like video or a text. The Internet has altered many different ways of life. He explains it in his story even though so much is going on and we have no idea why, the main purpose is to allow people to immerse themselves in the stories that were being told. Let them get lost in world so different than anything before they make use crave to go to another planet; they took a basic idea and use technology to build a completely new way for narrative to take place. We see how many people try to escape to another world to get away or just get a taste of something different, the movie “Twilight” By Stephanie Meyers show that perfectly. So many teenagers want to have that dark mystery handsome guy because they crave it simply because they never had the love that they desire so in order to do so they get lost in the story, Even people who play video games like World of War Craft millions of people are taken in by the online world that they believe is real that is where immersion comes into play here. Basically rose is trying to get use to look deeper at how technology media is changing the way story-telling is being told and try to show how immersion breaks through all the junk beneath and encourages a deeper level of involvement thanks to our emotions. Before I end you see that what rose claims to be telling also applies to book I am reading called “King Solomon Mines” here you have a man that is looking for a treasure that may or may not exist and is willing to put his life on the line for money you see the Allan Quatermain gets lost in the book with the hope of finding the gold.


  1. I enjoyed reading this! Awesome post, but a little immersion isn't bad, so I beg to ask; how much is too much?? In video games such as World of Warcraft the screen has icons and what not to remind the player that this is not real so it takes away little by little of the full effects of immersion, what if there was no reminders that this is not real? Could it be like the movie "Ineption"? Can the reality that we know be just an immersion?? o.O

    1. Dope concept bringing in the Idea of the movie "Inception" #Deep

  2. This was a nice break down of Frank Rose's “The Art of Immersion Fear of Fiction” and the cool connection to King Solomons Mines" but, I believe Allan Quatermain yes motivated by the mainly for the sake of his sons future. He himself became immerged into the journey into Solomon's Mines because of the countless stories he heard people know there was a high chance of no return but time after time some in his opinion brave continued to risk their life for the reward. Allan Quatermain fell in love with the challenge more less than the reward the money part was for security for his son, but none the less is immerged himself into it.

  3. Fair point, Bradley. Of course the counterargument to this would be that (for gamers) the HUD is so ubiquitous that it doesn't take away from our sense of immersion because we're so used to it ;-)

    Not a bad post, Joanna, but you're a bit all over the place. Remember to separate different topics (such as summary and analysis) with paragraph breaks! And until we finish the novel, keep the bulk of your analysis on King Solomon's Mines!